AACM challenges people to see art and culture as the underlying foundation of advanced,
dynamic and healthy communities.

In our varied projects, we encourage collective work as a way of engaging with the familiar
and unfamiliar, creating meeting spaces and environments where people can create
and build communities.

We believe in cultivating and promoting talent, art, culture, historic and natural heritage
as they forum the true capital of a society.

We like to challenge people’s notions of the world they live in, inspiring them to change
the status quo through critical thinking and creative action.


Based in New York with a global outreach, at AACM
we believe in the power of action of individuals and groups to better our world.


Improve Yourself. Better the World.

















As a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, AACM relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations, to help bring to light creative and diverse programs that support artists, preserve and promote cultural heritage, diversity, and forge healthy and vibrant communities. Make your gift today  Donate now!