Give Art


GiveArt is the platform that brings together artists and communities,
to help transform the urban landscape, by turning unassuming spots
into fantastic works of art.

We aim to change the spirit of the surroundings through each art work,
setting a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, inviting the community to
interact and bond in public spaces.



GiveART-Map shows you where to spot the artwork.
On it you will also find more info on the participating artists.
Seek and enjoy art in your community.


If you are an artist interested to volunteer, please send your resume and portfolio to:
If you are reporting a spot in your community, in need of an ArtOver, please contact:


















As a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization, AACM relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations, to help bring to light creative and diverse programs that support artists, preserve and promote cultural heritage, diversity, and forge healthy and vibrant communities. Make your gift today  Donate now!