Art for Hope II

Art for Hope,  a musical bouquet of impressive Albanian folk and lyrical gems.
Albanian musical legacy surpasses all borders and reaches straight to the heart of the listener.
Bringing one to tears one moment while extending an invitation to sing along the next,
Albanian music is an experience as unique as it’s lands. In collaboration with
cultural advisor to Albanian prime minister, Mr. Fate Velaj,
the National Theater of Opera and Ballet and president Mr. Ilir Kerni,
AACM lead on stage, under the artistic guidance of Deserved Artist Mr. Agim Krajka,
outstanding artists, Etrita Ibrahimi/PianoSabahete Vishnja/soloist, Irini Qirjako and
the Polyphonic Group, Zina Zdrava/soloistAranit Hoxha/tenor,  Fatmira Brecani/soloist,
Emiljana Palushaj/soprano, Suzana Frasheri/soprano, Shqipe Zani/soprano and
Kastriot Tusha/tenor, with the State Ensemble Orchestra, conducted by Mr. Vladimir Hasimi.

With the extraordinary participation of the master of violin,  national treasure, deserved artist Mr. Ethem Qerimi.

Art for Hope, featured the photographic exhibit “Like an Albanian”,
with great works by acclaimed photographer Mr. Roland Tasho.  

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