Art for Hope I

Art for Hope1st edition, a fundraising exhibit, to aid the Shkoder emergency fund,
an AACM collaboration with Albanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
The exhibit presented some great works by renown albanian painters: Gjovalin Paci,
Helidon Haliti and Petraq Pecani.
The documentary “Shkoder, today”, presenting old and new challenges
to the great city of Shkoder, premiered at the event.
With the extraordinary participation of beloved Albanian first lady Ms. Teuta Topi,
as well as Albanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry president Mr. Nikolin Jaka,
artists, academics and public alike, the exhibit brought in joint action many distinctive voices,
to “Illyria” at Sheraton International.
Art for Hope set a collaborative and interactive platform to ensure marginalized groups
and communities in need, always find their artists support.

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